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kbtat2 (32)
Zalman ZM-GWB2 VGA Waterblock
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-05-13
Fast shipping, great communications and good price. I would definitely do business with again.
Thanks, KB
scienceguy (45)
One stick of DDR400 memory
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-05-01
What a great purchase! Things went very smoothly. Communication was great, the RAM was packed well and arrived quickly. Would definitely do business with again.
krag (265)
ViperJohn 8800 series water block with mem chip HSF\'s
aaronjb was the Buyer   2007-04-06
He paid when and exactly the way we agreed upon. This was a seamless trade all the way through. I highly recommend him for any future deals. A+
manaknight (113)
Bought GRiD for pc
aaronjb was the Seller   2008-08-13
Great guy to deal with, I\'m a return customer and would continue to buy from without hesitation.
meionm (122)
Thermalright HR-05 nb cooler
aaronjb was the Buyer   2007-11-06
Pleasent transaction, quick repsonses from buyer, good communication.

Thanks for buying.
Bought a zalman water block
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-06-28
great guy to do business with. Shipped right away - just as described.
thlnk3r (7)
MSI Neo4 Platinum SLI
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-11-08
Fast shipping, great communication. I would definitely buy from him again!
hsadjadi (72)
Asus G75VW Laptop
aaronjb was the Seller   2012-12-11
Seller was very easy to deal with. Unit came DOA but seller offerred to take care of everything with prompt refund. I decided to use warranty instead. Works like a charm now, thx!
g0dM@n (1203)
Leadtek WinFast 6600GT 128MB PCI-E GPU
aaronjb was the Buyer   2007-07-18
Fast payment, top-notch communication, and a GREAT guy to chat with!! He\'s my pal from OCF, so watch out for more trades in the future! \'Leetness\' haha... thanks for that feedback. A+++
jsotelo (13)
Apogee waterblock
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-12-11
Went out of his way to help when USPS had weather related delays
rcillig (39)
I bought a eVGA 8800 GTX off the forums @ from him and ht was a great transaction and very fast shipping.
aaronjb was the Seller   2009-04-06
Great seller and very fast shipping would deal with again.
pauld5999 (108)
sold evga gtx 295 GPU
aaronjb was the Buyer   2009-04-30
great buyer, great to do business with, would absolutley do business with again!!!
blaitarch (151)
Bought Stalker the game for $10 shipped. Filer text
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-11-29
Shipped real quick, got a great price. Great to do business with
martinje (14)
Bought PS3 Game from him
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-12-14
Received in timely manner and he emailed me once ship with confirmation number as I requested.
muddocktor (95)
I bought a pci pump relay for my waterpump from him.
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-10-27
Very smooth transaction with very good communication and quick shipping. Package well well packed and arrived intact and on time. Would definitely trade with aaronjb again. AAA+++ trader.
dustybyrd (84)
I sold aaronjb a pci video card, nvidia 5200.
aaronjb was the Buyer   2007-03-18
He paid fast and with great communication! I would definitely do business with him again, thanks!
dnottis (123)
PC Game Gears of War for Windows
aaronjb was the Seller   2008-01-03
Shipped the product the next day, product came like new with everything I would\'ve expected a new game to come with. Would be happy to buy from again.
wjogert (84)
PC SOFTWARE (used): --Star Wars Jedi Knights
aaronjb was the Seller   2008-01-28
Excellent. Good communication, fast shipping. \"thumbs up\" :)
bought Phantom Hourglass DS
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-12-16
a solid seller from my experience! nice price, arrived in pristine condition.. +1 in my book, thanks a lot
FBR_BDavis (35)
Bought 2x EVGA GTX760 4GB Video Cards.
aaronjb was the Seller   2014-04-13
He said they were used, but they sure didn't look it.. EXCELLENT condition, in the original boxes, with all of the accessories and even the promo posters!! Can't ask for more than that.. Super-fast shipping and fantastic packaging.. Highly recommended!!
noxqzs (30)
Gateway 24\" monitor used-mint condition
aaronjb was the Seller   2007-05-25
Instant Communication, prompt shipping, superb packing, above all, polite and friendly.
jimmsch (72)
I sold, or traded, rather, a Q6600 to Aaron
aaronjb was the Buyer   2007-07-26
Aaron was very responsive and easy to communicate with. We agreed on a sort of trade and all worked out well. I highly recommend dealing with Aaron.
Carbon_Le (53)
Bought an Xbox 360 Slim 4gb
aaronjb was the Seller   2012-08-12
Awesome seller. Quick shipping and packaged very nicely. Great to deal with. Thanks again.
krag (265)
Swiftech Apogee Vanilla (Original Apogee) water block with retail kit, AM2 plate with hold down kit
aaronjb was the Buyer   2007-05-15
Excellent communication and super fast payment! I highly recommend him for any future deals!!

AAA+ trader ~ !
liquidk (6)
Asus rog swift monitor.
aaronjb was the Seller   2015-05-06
Very pleasant to deal with & good communication. No concern about making a big purchase with this seller.

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