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pumbertot (61)
MCW60 with Ramsinks + EK Barbs
meionm was the Seller   2007-03-29
Great transaction. Basically threw in a lot of stuff for a very reasonable price. Shipped quickly and good comms. Pleasant guy to deal with and would definitely like to deal with again.
ankun (2)
250 GB WD IDE HD. Used.
meionm was the Seller   2006-02-10
Item recieved 2 days after payment sent. Appears to be fully working condition. A+ service.
bluegears soundcard
meionm was the Seller   2007-04-03
Great Seller, would deal with again. Timly replies and Prompt shipping.
chawks2 (130)
Purchased a PATA IDE LG DVD Burner
meionm was the Seller   2007-09-10
Great communication, excellent packaging & timely shipping. Would not hesitate to do business again. THANKS!!
MadmanOCF (74)
Accelero S1 rev 2 GPU heatsink
meionm was the Seller   2008-06-02
Item mailed quickly and packaged well, complete and exactly as described. Thanks.
chawks2 (130)
SOLD a PATA 2.5\" 40G Fujitsu.
meionm was the Buyer   2008-08-18
Payment was lightning quick, communication more than adequate. Will do business in the future. Thanks!
I bought a Zalman 80x15mm fan
meionm was the Seller   2005-06-17
WOW that was fast. Good communication, but didn't notify me when he shipped the fan. Surprised me when it got here 2 days after payment was sent! Fast shipping. Will not hesitate to do business with again.
krag (265)
KVM switch & cable extensions.
meionm was the Seller   2004-08-01
Very good communication, packaging & shipping. Excellent trader and very trust worthy!!

sam__ (19)
500Gb Hard Drive
meionm was the Seller   2008-06-19
Very smooth transaction, excelent coomunication and very fair price. Would definitely deal with again. :D
hardassthe1 (704)
Used Mountainmods 120mm fan hole Reservoir. In like new condition.
meionm was the Seller   2007-02-09
Would recommend this trader to all. Great communication, rapid shipping. A++++ trader.
Misc. items, SATA related.
meionm was the Seller   2004-10-17
Gave away several items on the forums w/shipping paid by reciever. Excellent seller! I'd say a great person in general, not everyone will give away unneeded items!
murdamyfoes (111)
Thermalright Ultra 120 + Scythe 120mm fan
meionm was the Seller   2007-01-12
Patient, polite, a pleasure to deal with. Items were packed better than many large retailers! Items shipped promptly. A+
bignickk (14)
Sold me a Microcool Whiper XE Northbridge HSF
meionm was the Seller   2006-07-04
Great seller very fast shipping. I would buy from him again.
gungeek (18)
L30 pump
meionm was the Seller   2004-09-16
Packed it well, shipped quick. good trader.
neuro42 (109)
Purchased a 22\" LCD Monitor
meionm was the Seller   2009-08-26
Wow. Awesome condition, great price. Nice communication what more could you possible ask for :)

brickout (22)
Bought 2 Antec TriCool 120mm fans from this user.
meionm was the Seller   2005-12-29
Kept very good communication, shipped promptly, packed items well, and items were just as described. Would definitely deal with again.
Luta Wicasa (199)
I purchased an ThermalrightUltra 120 Extreme w/ Yate Loon 120 fan
meionm was the Seller   2007-06-30
Very easy...I went to his home, gave\'im the money and got my cooler :-)
Exactly as advertised. I\'d not hesitate to deal with this gentleman in the future.
- 2 140mm Yate Loon Fans - 4 120mm Yate Loon Fans
meionm was the Seller   2009-06-29
Fans are in great shape as described. This was a great deal. I\'ll enjoy these fans a lot. Thanks again!
eguty (81)
nec 3520a dvdrw optical drive
meionm was the Seller   2006-03-20
excellent seller, packaging was perfect and shipped quickly. easy to communicate with, gave me after sales support as well.

A+++ will do business with again
WA2 (140)
Sold heatercore
meionm was the Buyer   2004-10-03
Great buyer. Very fast payment.
DDC+/mcp355 water pump and Alphacool top with damage (I bought knowing this)
meionm was the Seller   2007-01-23
Great trader is the first thing I will say about meionm, fast communication, perfect pakaging.
A real pleasure to deal with.
sadai (4)
Bought a lynksis gigabit ethernet card from meionm.
meionm was the Seller   2007-03-31
Was fast answering questions and shipping the card once purchased, great seller.
Rio (40)
Samsung DVD RW Black OEM
meionm was the Seller   2007-04-11
Worked a deal with meionm and received the unit shortly after payment. Very fast shipping and it worked perfectly. Thank you!
Joystick and sound card
meionm was the Seller   2004-10-14
It was very kind of meionm to give me some freebies. Super fast shipping and well packed too!
mrslinky (108)
sold a pair (2*512mb) sticks of OCZ PC4800 platinum ltd. edition ram
meionm was the Buyer   2005-11-29
buyer responded well even when i had another offer on the table he is patient and understanding great buyer

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