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  • Bought a 10Mbit hub from him.

    jungle001 was the Seller on August 16, 2001 AnandTech

    I'm giving this a neutral response just because it didn't feel like a very good transaction. Also consider he just moved to the area. Future deals are bound to be better... This is just my single experience...
    He sent the order out maybe 3-5 days later than I expected, not a big deal. Then he got an order mixed up with me, nothing major. The hub didn't include a power cord. Again, not a huge deal since I have an old 14" monitor's cord that I could use... And still waiting for a Heatware eval...
    Overall, just a neutral experience. It wasn't "bad", but I probably won't deal with the hassle again. When I buy something from someone, I expect prompt service (at least good communication) and to receive everything needed for the item to function, unless otherwise stated.
    Safe trader, however there's a lot more out there that are willing to take my money and will probably leave me with a positive feeling ;)

    August 16, 2001

  • purchased a video card

    jungle001 was the Seller on May 7, 2002 AnandTech

    i purchased a video card, but seller made a mistake and shipped a different card (better)...told me his mistake and asked me to send a few bucks extra so i decided to give a little extra money for it (few bucks) i am sure he would have sold the card for the original amount, even if i diddnt pay him the extra

    Good trader/seller
    Good communication!

    May 7, 2002

  • Purchased an Adaptec AHA2940UW SCSI PCI Controller.

    jungle001 was the Seller on January 9, 2002 AnandTech

    Great deal on the controller, paid with PayPal Instant Cash, Jungle shipped promptly. Only negative is that his communications were almost nonexistant, otherwise all else was excellent. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.

    January 9, 2002

  • sold him two WD 20g HD's

    jungle001 was the Seller on April 20, 2001 AnandTech

    another quick easy deal..paid immediately and got back to me as soon as he received them..great guy!

    April 20, 2001

  • Bought a Diamond MX300 sound card.

    jungle001 was the Seller on May 9, 2003 AnandTech

    Nice guy to trade with he shipped quickly and it was well packaged. Would definitely trade with again. A++++

    May 9, 2003

  • Intel 200MHz Pentium Overdrive processor

    jungle001 was the Buyer on April 18, 2001 AnandTech

    Quick payment; smooth transaction

    April 18, 2001

  • sold him compact flash card with pcmcia reader

    jungle001 was the Buyer on May 5, 2001 AnandTech

    easy guy do deal with, would deal with again. sent money through paypal, very fast.

    May 5, 2001

  • bought a lot of old motherboards/parts , payment made via paypal

    jungle001 was the Seller on May 8, 2001 AnandTech

    Excellant person to trade with ,package arrived promptly and well packed , along with good communication it was a pleasure doing buisness with Aaron

    May 8, 2001

  • I bought 4 NEC speakers from Aaron.

    jungle001 was the Seller on April 30, 2001 AnandTech

    Aaron is a very patient and friendly person to deal. Communication was fast and the deal went very well. Thanks Aaron. A++

    April 30, 2001

  • His Celeron 600 for my cash!

    jungle001 was the Seller on April 23, 2001 AnandTech

    This deal worked out better than I expected. I was able to overclock the CPU successfully so I am extremely happy. Shipping took a little longer then I expected but it was the Post Office's fault. Thanks Aaron for the great deal!

    April 23, 2001

  • Sold Ram

    jungle001 was the Buyer on February 3, 2003 AnandTech

    Quick payment. Good communication. Even sent payment first to a newbie.

    February 3, 2003

  • Was going to sell him some case rails

    jungle001 was the Buyer on May 22, 2001 AnandTech

    Shipped him the rails, but unfortunately they didn't fit.
    He was still willing to pay for them, but I refused the payment.
    Although the deal didn't work out, I have to say that there was good communication throughout the transaction
    and that I would have no problems doing another deal with him.

    May 22, 2001

  • bought 2x16mb simms from Aaron. pd first w/ MO and guess what? he kept his promise and sent me some working ram. thanks homeslice for being honest.

    jungle001 was the Seller on May 23, 2001 AnandTech


    May 23, 2001

  • Bought slot 1 intel cpu`s

    jungle001 was the Seller on March 26, 2006 AnandTech

    Both worked well and good communication to boot.Will deal with again and again

    March 27, 2006

  • Bought a dead K6-3+ processor to have "a look under the hood."

    jungle001 was the Seller on May 11, 2001 AnandTech

    It was a quick transaction; sent the money, then got the processor shortly afterwards. Looks a lot like a Duron...*A+*

    May 11, 2001

  • Sold 16mb and 8mb compact flash cards

    jungle001 was the Buyer on May 27, 2002 AnandTech

    Quick payment. He was a good man to work with. Thanks again.

    May 27, 2002

  • sold digital camera. Good COntact and appropriate Payment methods used.

    jungle001 was the Seller on August 24, 2001 AnandTech

    Good Communication. WOuld not hesitate selling or buying to jungle in the future.

    August 24, 2001

  • Sold a 64meg SODIMM

    jungle001 was the Buyer on November 6, 2001 AnandTech

    paid with paypal, fast, smooth :) nice.

    November 6, 2001

  • bought 2 motherboards and power supply from Aaron

    jungle001 was the Seller on July 21, 2002 AnandTech

    Smooth transaction, Aaron was easy to deal with, good communications, packed well and shipped promptly. I'd be glad to deal with him again.

    July 21, 2002

  • Sold Him Tyan S1854 mobo and 2 64megs sdram.

    jungle001 was the Buyer on April 8, 2002 AnandTech

    Everything went smoothly. Fast payment and good communication throughout. Will definitely deal with Aaron anytime.:)

    April 8, 2002

  • Bought SB Live 5.1

    jungle001 was the Seller on April 22, 2003 AnandTech

    Prompt shipping and communication. Thanks!

    April 22, 2003

  • Canon A40 camera w/ 128mb CF, 2X 16mb CF, 4 rechargeable batteries, card reader, and a carrying case.

    jungle001 was the Buyer on May 26, 2003 AnandTech

    Aaron was a great guy to trade with. Responded very quickly and money was sent instantly. Everything went well, so I'd deal with him again any day!

    May 26, 2003

  • Purchased Intel ISA 10/100 NIC.

    jungle001 was the Seller on December 7, 2003 AnandTech

    Card was just as described. Good packaging and fast shipping. Thanks for the smooth transaction Aaron.

    December 7, 2003

  • Purchased broken Compaq laptop.

    jungle001 was the Seller on July 8, 2002 AnandTech

    It was great dealing with Aaaron; he answered all my questions and item arrived as described. Thanks!

    July 8, 2002

  • Maxtor 160GB hard drive

    jungle001 was the Seller on August 30, 2004 AnandTech

    good communication. there was a problem at the post office, but we worked it out. very helpful, accomodating seller.

    August 30, 2004