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  • Sold a couple X-Box component cables

    AnyMal was the Buyer on March 27, 2006 AnandTech

    Another smooth transaction from AnyMal. Quick payment, great communication, and great feedback. Nothing else I could want as a seller!


    March 28, 2006

  • Purchased Farcry pc game

    AnyMal was the Seller on December 22, 2004 AnandTech

    Shipped quickly and arrived in great condition. Great deal all around!

    December 22, 2004

  • Purchased MP3 Player from me

    AnyMal was the Buyer on January 1, 2005 AnandTech

    Excellent communications. Prompt Payment. Definitely would buy/sell/trade with again.

    January 1, 2005

  • Bought used Sidekick3 in working condition for $100 PayPal shipped.

    AnyMal was the Seller on August 28, 2007 AnandTech

    Arrived in well insulated package by Priority Mail, works perfectly, absolutely no complaints!

    September 6, 2007

  • Sold him a T3 PDA.

    AnyMal was the Buyer on January 21, 2004 AnandTech

    He paid fast via Paypal, I shipped shortly afterwards.
    Great communication, patient buyer...I look forward to dealing with him in the future!

    January 21, 2004

  • Purchased a Rio 500 with 32mb SM, Cable, and Drivers

    AnyMal was the Seller on April 24, 2003 AnandTech

    Pavel held the mp3 player for me for two weeks while I gathered up enough to buy it. Shipment was very fast and well packaged. Great person to trade with.

    April 24, 2003

  • I picked up a SanDisk Sansa MP3 player.

    AnyMal was the Seller on September 24, 2006 AnandTech

    Prompt shipping, great packaging, and very easy to deal with. Thanks !!

    September 25, 2006

  • We swapped my 360 hd-dvd player w/ movies for his as new / complete apple bluetooth earpiece.

    Cross-traded on October 24, 2008 AnandTech

    Smooth as glass deal this time,will always trade with this guy.

    October 25, 2008

  • Sold A Copy Of MGSTS For Gamecube

    AnyMal was the Buyer on May 15, 2005 AnandTech

    Buyer provided payment via Paypal (my preferred method) and was first to post Heatware; my kind of trader!!!

    May 15, 2005

  • Bought a Samsung 8500 battery, desktop charger, car charger, and Bodyglove case.

    AnyMal was the Seller on December 2, 2002 AnandTech

    Pavel was great in this transaction. He offered an excellent price and shipped very quickly. I wasn't even expecting it to come so quickly. Recommended.

    December 2, 2002

  • we traded DSLR\'s and some cash. My sony for his pentax. We had a semi local deal we both drove some to get there. Worked out well.

    Cross-traded on March 19, 2009 AnandTech

    I love dealing with ATer\'s locally! Craiglist people are goobers! What I mean is this was a great deal and I already have his DSLR sold! Cash money! Enjoy that great camera! and mum is the word about what I tipped you.

    March 22, 2009

  • I bought a couple of iphone 4 cases from this fine seller of goods....

    AnyMal was the Seller on November 2, 2010 AnandTech

    Like you don't already know from the 200+ evals,this guy rocks,knows how to package and always does what he says he will.

    thanks again !!

    November 22, 2010

  • Bought Call of Duty GOTY Edition + COD: United Offensive Expansion Pack

    AnyMal was the Seller on November 10, 2004 AnandTech

    A pleasure to deal with. Shipped quickly. Great to deal with. Thanks!

    November 10, 2004

  • Resistance game and PS3 Controller

    AnyMal was the Buyer on September 9, 2007 AnandTech

    Buyer was curteous and quick to pay.Couldn\'t have gone smoother. Would Trade with again

    September 11, 2007

  • Visor PDA + MP3 player as bonus!

    AnyMal was the Seller on July 21, 2002 AnandTech

    When Pavel wrote "has been hardly used, not a scratch in mint condition." HE WAS SERIOUS OF THAT ! It is hard to tell is NOT a new one!.Also the MP3 player is almost new condition; both things came in original box.ULTRA FAST delivery and very good communication during trade. I will be more than glad to trade with him again! Recommended A++

    July 21, 2002

  • swapped my hardrive and nic for a ipaq

    Cross-traded on September 25, 2003 AnandTech

    Excellent tranaction well packaged and sent on time.
    Would recommend to all.

    September 25, 2003

  • Bought an Asus Transformer with keyboard dock.

    AnyMal was the Seller on August 29, 2012 AnandTech

    He promptly shipped the item out and it was actually in better condition than described. Thanks!

    September 13, 2012

  • bought dinky tiny 10/100 switch!

    AnyMal was the Seller on January 30, 2004 AnandTech

    Item arrived well packaged. Great communications...I would definately deal with Anymal again! Wait, I have dealt with him again! Great trader here folks!

    January 30, 2004

  • SOCOM Confrontation with headset combo

    AnyMal was the Seller on March 22, 2009 AnandTech

    Items arrived in perfect condition and complete. Everything works as expected. Think things went very well. :)

    March 23, 2009

  • Sold Newq Gold DSP for some Paypal cash.

    AnyMal was the Buyer on October 9, 2002 AnandTech

    Smooth transaction, would do it again.

    October 9, 2002

  • Sold Pavel a Logitech MX500 mouse.

    AnyMal was the Buyer on December 4, 2003 AnandTech

    He paid very quickly and the deal went through in a matter of hours. I'd certainly deal with him again in the future. A++

    December 4, 2003

  • Bought a MuVo with paypal.

    AnyMal was the Seller on July 4, 2005 AnandTech

    Smooth transaction, excellent packaging and fast shipping. Will definitely trade with again.

    July 4, 2005

  • Bought a hard drive for paypal.

    AnyMal was the Seller on June 4, 2003 AnandTech

    This was a great buy. Pavel gave me a terrific price, shipped promptly, and communicated very well. Perfect sale, I was very pleased with the drive and with this excellent seller.

    June 4, 2003

  • Creative Zen Mini mint condition ect.

    AnyMal was the Seller on May 17, 2005 AnandTech

    bought this from him and he had it shipped out next day, got there in 2 days (excluding weekend) great seller, would most definitly do business with again.

    May 17, 2005

  • Bought a Dell Inspiron 600m

    AnyMal was the Seller on July 22, 2006 AnandTech

    Shipped it to me within a weekend. Got it safe and sound. Great technical support and of course kept in touch often. A very hassle-free transaction. Will recommend to anyone!!!!

    July 23, 2006