Review for user dutnguye from janas19

  • I bought an Alienware 17 R3 laptop from dutnguye.

    janas19 was the Seller on January 20, 2019 HardForum

    Here is why I am leaving negative feedback. I know he has 1032-3 feedback, but people change. This is relevant for 2019. I contacted dutnguye to purchase the laptop on 1-20-19. He was asking $600 OBO. After some haggling, we agreed to $525 shipped. I asked him for a PayPal invoice and a photo of the laptop, which he sent. In the invoice and photo, there was no mention of any damages. I agreed to the deal and paid him the money.

    On 1-24-19, I received the laptop in the mail. When I opened it, I noticed significant damages to the right rear cooling vent and case joint. The slats on the vent were completely destroyed, and the case joint was cracked along 2". There was maybe 2-3mm of separation between the palmrest and the back side. Also some more cosmetic damages to the case.


    I told dutnguye that the laptop was damaged in shipping and if he had insurance. He replied "That was already there before shipping". I asked him why he would send a laptop with damages without informing me of them. He said that the damages did not affect the functionality of the laptop, and it was my fault for not asking for photos before buying the laptop. This wasn't true, as I did ask for a photo and the 2" crack in the case joint could affect cooling temps, structural integrity, and peridoic maintenance. I demanded a full return of the money, including the shipping price. Dutnguye said he would refund the money, but said I had to pay for shipping. I said no, I will not pay your shipping cost due to your fault. Dutnguye said he wasn't at fault and I filed a PayPal dispute.

    As of today I am still waiting on a response from the PayPal resolution center. I am in shock that a highly reputable seller with over 1000 reviews such as dutnguye would handle this transaction as poorly and miserably as he did. The whole time, communication from him was also very tense and unpleasant. To summarize:

    - Sold me a $525 laptop with significant damages without informing me of these damages beforehand

    - Refused to take ownership of the problem, tried to blame me for his poor practices. I was forced to open a dispute with PayPal

    - Really bad communication throughout the entire experience. Never made mention of the damages of a laptop he sold me.

    This has been one of my worst experiences in a long time of buying/selling online. Be cautious when dealing with dutnguye. I do not trust him and recommend staying away if possible.

    Edit 1: Forgot to mention, I asked dutnguye if the charger was a genuine Dell charger and he said 'Yes." It was not a Dell, it was Flextronics ( different dimensions). That was a lie. So yes, he lied too.

    Response from dutnguye
    I listed a laptop for sale, buyer contact me wanting to buy right away without asking for any pictures.

    I would never lied about my description and no where in my ad that it stated it's in great condition, i believe it has cosmetic imperfection hence the low price.

    Buyer asked for picture that it's working and i sent him the picture of it up and running. He rushed me to send to him next day during a holiday which i still do and pay a higher cost of shipping ($42) because i have a use a bigger box since it's the only box i can find that day.

    The day he received the item, he stated that condition is not what he is expected and i offer him a refund minus shipping which is what i usually do but he was very rude in the conversation and decide to escalate with Paypal. I even compromise with him and offer him a full refund provided he send back the laptop to me first and he still not accepting my offer.

    I'm not sure what else he wants me to do, i have been very prompt with my communication with him and offer him refund.

    January 26, 2019