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  • I purchased a 1gig SODIMM of DDR2 667mhz RAM. Duy instead sent me a 533mhz SODIMM.

    CupCak3 was the Seller on May 3, 2011 AnandTech

    Anyone can sell used computer parts online. How a seller handles problems is a major component of what separates good sellers from bad. A little advice, DO NOT PAY DUY WITH PAYPAL AS A GIFT.

    Conversations with Duy initially went very well. He was quick to respond and shipped promptly.

    I understand people make mistakes. When I approached Duy about the RAM and reimbursing me for return shipping, he agreed to take it back BUT he would not properly reimburse me for return shipping.

    To save on money, he requested that I send it back to him in a letter envelope and would reimburse me an additional 44 cents for a stamp. I thought it was odd to me but it would end up being his RAM and not mine. I messaged him to confirm the RAM being shipped unprotected and that he would reimburse me for item tracking. He said he would not pay for tracking, only 44 cents.

    I find this unacceptable as shipping the wrong RAM was his fault and not mine. I should NOT have to bear the risk of the letter getting lost in return transit or not having proof of delivery. I could then be out my money for a mistake which was not mine.

    To be accommodating, save Duy money and reach what I thought was a middle-ground, I offered to ship it back to him in an envelope without tracking if he refunded my money first. He swiftly declined.

    Unfortunately I made the mistake of trusting Duy and paying with PayPal as a gift to save him a little money on this sale since initial conversations went so well. Now, I do not have the option of getting all my money back through proper mediation.

    Response from dutnguye
    okay to make it short and simple
    i sold him a $10 memory stick, it was not what he was looking for. i told him send it back and i refund it. it's a small stick and it would fit into a regular envelope first class mail, and that i would pay for that part of shipping back. But he refused and wants me to pay for delivery confirmation which is unnecessary because i would refund to him when it comes anyway. Not like i would rip him off for $10 dollars. Instead, we went back and forth on this and he left me this negative over $10 dollars. Its not the money, it's the principle that I held. I already told him i would refund him when i receive the stick.

    May 10, 2011