Review for user dutnguye from gigantopithecus1999

  • Purchased 2gb DDR500, AMD 3800+, & an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe.

    gigantopithecus1999 was the Seller on February 20, 2008 AnandTech

    Communication before the sale was fine, as was communication afterwards. He kept me updated on a four day delay in shipping.

    When I received the parts, they were not packed very well. Duy failed to disclose that he had replaced the stock southbridge fan with an aftermarket hsf that did not align with the holes on the board, & that he had glued/epoxied the hsf in place. Of course, the hsf broke off in transit.

    I initially contacted Duy requesting a refund because I didn\'t want to spend the time cleaning the southbridge (he had not used a standard, easy to remove thermal grease/adhesive) & the extra money on a replacement hsf. This request was ignored.

    I had to spend two hours removing the excessive gunk he had applied to the southbridge & $15 on a replacement heatsink. This is not acceptable.

    Furthermore, the parts were absolutely filthy when I received them. He clearly does not know how to apply thermal grease, nor does he bother to maintain his gear or at least clean it prior to selling it. I\'ve seen some nasty-looking parts before, but these were totally gross. It took me another two hours to clean the board, excess thermal grease around the cpu socket, & the hsf.

    It has been a week since I contacted Duy, still with no response. I would avoid this trader unless you like unpleasant surprises & dirty parts.

    February 21, 2008