Review for user AMD Soldier from JDMnAR

  • Sold Alex some RAM

    JDMnAR was the Buyer on March 26, 2004 AnandTech

    Alex decided to renegotiate the price after it was already agreed upon, shipped payment > a week after he said he would, and communication was extremely spotty. A plausible excuse was given for all of it, but none should have been needed.

    Response from AMD Soldier
    This guy needs to learn how to properly deal with people. The deal was simple enough. $30 for the RAM, I was under the impression he wanted Paypal as their were no signs of doing a money order. Once the price was set, he tells me to do an MO. Theres mistake number one.

    I kindly explain to him that this is for a client and I\'ve already told him it would be $30 bucks even. If this wasn\'t for a client, I would just eat the extra expenses doing an MO. But since it wasn\'t for me and I asked him if it was okay to send $29 to help cover the expenses of the MO and shipping. He agreed to that and seemed perfectly comfortable with it.

    Anyway I despite myself being extremely busy with finals week and me needing to complete over a dozen exams in a few days, I rushed over to a store and got him his MO that same day we made the deal. Well I was gonna have it sent right there, but left stamps at home. So took it home with me and sat it in my office. Well I\'m sorry I don\'t know what happened to me after that, totally forgot about it! I was sure I had it sent and was waiting for a reply from him to see if he received it. During this time as well I was switching to AOL and realized the horror that I couldn\'t reply or post messages at anandtech forums. So I went to email him and explained what had happened. I wasted a good 20 minutes typing to him and even included a pic. Well I go and have it sent out within the hour, the stamp was dated and the MO reads the day we made the deal. Everything I said was the truth, and very easy to understand I\'d imagine.

    Well a couple days later I hear from him via email, thanks for letting me know. Then several days later he leaves me this undeserved neutral. I mean I work hard to have a good ref and for someone like this guy to to ruin it for this is outrageous.

    Sorry everyone for the long evalution, my longest ever hehe, but I want everyone to know what kind of person this guy is and what really went down. But hopefully he will see his error in this transaction and learn from it.

    Have a great day everyone!

    March 26, 2004