Review for user 2336 from zugzwang152

  • bought 4 copies of retail Norton Systemworks 2003, and 4 copies of retail Norton Personal Firewall 2003.

    zugzwang152 was the Seller on November 29, 2003 AnandTech

    products arrived in a timely fashion, but the reason for the neutral was the packing. The software arrived wrapped only in clear plastic wrap to hold them together, and then paper wrapped around that, with some clear tape. There was no padding, and as such, all 8 boxes arrived crushed. The actual CD's were encased only in a paper sleeve, which he couldn't have known about, since they were supposedly unopened save for the UPC's being removed. However, one of the CD's was very contorted, and I fear even putting it in my CD drive lest it explode and leave a mess. I was given a great bargain for this software, but there is no excuse for not packing properly. User was sent a PM asking for an explanation before I posted this eval, but I noted he has logged on after my PM was posted, and I received no PM or e-mail. This is something that could easily be remedied, and I would definitely trade again with you. However, honesty is the best policy.

    Response from 2336
    Hey, what can I say. I logged out without noticing that I had a PM. It would've been nice if he'd made more than one attempt to contact me or waited at least 24 hours before posting this eval. I have since PM'd Matt asking if he'd like a refund. As far as the packaging goes, I've made many shipments of software packaged in the same manner and never had a problem, many of which were shipped media rate. I figured since this was shipped Priority there would be less time for the postal service to damage it - well I guess I figured wrong. Looks like I'll have to package software as bullet-proof as I package hardware.

    November 29, 2003