Water cooling hardware ( Rads, res, pump etc )

Jun 22, 2019 Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Water cooling hardware ( Rads, res, pump etc )
I have just rebuilt my PC and to raise funds for it promised the wife to sell my old water cooling set up.

The full set up consists of the following

1x XSPC 360mm radiator
1 x ACool 240mm radiator
1 x 120mm radiator ( its a little tatty but does work fine )
1 x EK DDC X-Top V2 Black Acetal pump top
1 x DDC-1PlusT 12v 18W pump ( The more powerful version )
1 x XSPC Raystorm CPU block with Intel and AMD fittings
1 x medium size cylindrical resevoir with 5 ports ( 2 x front, 2 x bottom and 1 x top fill port )
1 x Clear EK Monarch RAM block
13 x 16mm Acrylic tube fittings normal fit
6 x 16mm 90 degree Acrylic tube fittings
2 x 16mm 45 degree Acrylic tube fittings
3 x ½" extension fittings
6 x standard ½ flexible tubing fittings

If am able to locate my old RAM's heatsink's I will also include 2 x EK Monarch RAM heatsink's to use with the ram.
 Message me for photos as i am getting an error when uploading them