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  • Purchased a Razer Arctosa Black keyboard.

    triarii3 was the Seller on October 28, 2011 AnandTech

    Received the keyboard in poor condition. Showed pictures to the seller. Seller claims USPS is responsible for damage sustained during transit. The package was poorly padded, in fact, there was no packaging aside from the original box that the keyboard was sold in, which was thin plastic. Seller agreed to fully refund me, but I had to file a dispute with paypal. After 3 days without response, I escalated the dispute into a claim. 2 weeks later, paypal issued a refund due to the sellers lack of response. Bad communication. I've tried sending PM as well as posting on the sellers thread to get his attention to the paypal dispute. Got nothing aside from the initial response to my email when I told him the keyboard was damaged.

    EDIT: Since I'm unable to leave another note on my evaluation page, I thought I'd leave it here (please refer to my evaluation page as this is a continuation of it). Glad you admitted that it was your fault the package had insufficient padding. As for the wait, I honestly didn't have a problem with that, as long as I got the keyboard in mint condition as described in your for sale thread. Whether you ignored me or not when I escalated my paypal dispute into a claim doesn't matter. I've checked all email communication between us as well as the paypal dispute resolution page, and no where does it state that there was any seller action. Please allow me to copy and paste the case history exactly how I see it:

    View case history

    Nov 21, 2011 - PayPal: Email sent to seller
    Nov 21, 2011 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer
    Nov 12, 2011 - PayPal: Email sent to seller
    Nov 12, 2011 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer
    Nov 12, 2011 - Buyer: Dispute escalated to claim
    Nov 12, 2011 - Buyer: Dispute filed
    Nov 10, 2011 - PayPal: Email sent to seller
    Nov 10, 2011 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer
    Nov 10, 2011 - Buyer: Dispute filed

    The party immediately after the date is the party that initiated the action. If I can't find your letter of apology here or in my email, then I swear I don't know where to find it. Also, I don't believe I've made any claim saying you are lying or you ignored me. I simply stated what I could find, to the best of my ability might I add. I am very familiar with Paypals payment system. I've been using it regularly for the past few years.

    Letting me keep the keyboard was a very friendly gesture and I thank you for saving me the trouble of going to the post office and having to return the package. Aside from that, the keyboard means nothing to me at this point due to it's condition. This keyboard was intended to be used with my new rig which I'm working on getting together. As with any new build, I would like to have parts in very good or pristine condition. It's not likely that I would proudly use a banged up keyboard to complete my build.

    What you failed to mention in your note is how, and I quote this from the edit you left in my evaluation page, "It doesn't matter how many rules to cite.". In my opinion, you deserve a negative for that as well: failure to observe and adhere to forum rules. Your only reason behind leaving a negative evaluation is for what you perceived as my inability to see that you authorized a refund and apologized. I got the apology part already and looked everywhere for any proof that you initiated a refund without success, so what other reason do you have for leaving a negative evaluation? I did my part as a buyer, which shouldn't much more than having an open channel of communication, submit payment on the date/time I specified, and resolving any possible disputes in a professional, mature manner. Is there any duty, as a buyer, that I may have not mentioned and would warrant a negative evaluation?

    Also, just for your information, leaving insulting remarks, like in this quote, "I still can't believe I got a negative over a $30 dollar keyboard and someone who can't read.(Hube is the only NEGATIVE, i have ever given out)", will not help your case. Any veteran trader out there won't care whether 50 cents or 1 million dollars was involved in the transaction. An honest evaluation that consists of facts and is free of insults is what matters. Please refer to the help/support link on the top right side of heatwares site, frequently asked questions, under the section titled "I was unfairly given a neutral/negative evaluation!" Pay very special attention to the "NOTE:" below, as it states "You must be as objective as possible when leaving a Reply. Replies which contains insults, obscenities, or other irrelevant information will be subject to deletion." Saying things like I can't read is subject to deletion. I also would like to point out that because your evaluation for me feels a lot like it was written in retaliation for my evaluation I left for you, the evaluation you wrote is subject to deletion.

    I believe it is worth mentioning this quote from the Anandtech Moderator, in the forums rules thread, "People, if you have time to post a FS thread, to receive payment, to receive goods, to reply to all the offers in your threads, and to strike a deal to begin with, you have time to pack your items properly and ship out in a timely manner. All it takes is a little preparation to begin with to have your packing materials ready, or even pack in advance if necessary. You should already have a time set aside to deliver the goods to your carrier. And very important is to set aside a few minutes of the day to COMMUNICATE with those with whom you have deals open. IT DOESNT TAKE BUT A SMALL SPACE OF TIME! And maintain an open channel of communication until your transactions are complete."

    It is also worth repeating this quote too: "Your word is your bond, your word is your rep, and your actions speak louder than all the words combined. If you cant maintain and keep your word, and if you can't meet your obligations, then you have NO business doing business here. PLEASE do everyone a favor, including yourself, and dont do business where people depend on you to perform your duty to them, and conduct business in a mature and honorable fashion."

    Have yourself a great weekend.

    Response from triarii3
    Padding was my fault. I am still pretty new to the hardware world. I had to learn the hardware of shipping things without proper protection. I asked the USPS employees and they said it was no problem. and Yes i probably deserve a negative just on that. I offered the buyer to KEEP the keyboard and I will offer a FULL refund.

    And honestly I think deserve a negative for letting the buyer wait more than a week for a refund of $28.83.

    But he claimed i completely ignored him and paypal admin had to take over for a refund. Which was completely FALSE.

    I sincerely hope this doesn't happen again. I am out of college now with a job. So i am pretty on top of this again.

    November 22, 2011

  • iPod Touch 2nd gen for my mom

    triarii3 was the Seller on December 30, 2010 HardForum

    Great seller! Agreed to ship first because of the difference in Heat, and the iPod arrived a few days later in exactly the condition described. I'm glad to help build this trader's Heat and would deal with triarii3 again in the future!

    January 10, 2011

  • Bought a used AMD XFX HD 6970 from seller.

    triarii3 was the Seller on November 24, 2013 HardForum

    Good communication and fast shipping. Easy transaction and exactly as described! Would buy from seller again...

    November 29, 2013

  • bought 7970

    triarii3 was the Seller on January 9, 2014 HardForum

    shipping was a day or 2 after originally promised, life happens though, card works great would recommend buying from.

    January 21, 2014

  • Purchased a LG G Watch

    triarii3 was the Seller on August 31, 2015 HardForum

    Great communication and kept me informed, quick to ship, item as described. Nice seller!

    September 10, 2015

  • Bought 4TB WD RED hardrive

    triarii3 was the Seller on January 14, 2014 HardForum

    Fast shipping and smooth communication. Drive arrived as described. Would buy or sell again.

    February 28, 2014

  • Purchased R9 290X from triarii3

    triarii3 was the Seller on February 12, 2014 HardForum

    Fast transaction with no complications. Fastest shipping ever through FedEX. Definitely rec. trader to others.

    February 17, 2014

  • Nintendo DSi XL Burgundy

    triarii3 was the Buyer on March 20, 2013 HardForum

    Good communication and fast payment. Would deal with again. Very patient.

    April 12, 2013

  • Bought MGS V game code.

    triarii3 was the Seller on August 20, 2015 HardForum

    Quick communication, no hassles, 10/10 was nuclear. (Ten word limit here)

    August 20, 2015

  • triarii3 picked up an XFX HD 6970 Gaphics card from me.

    triarii3 was the Buyer on February 7, 2012

    He paid within minutes of our deal, and was very patient with my delayed shipping (I had just bought a new case, and spent two days playing with it)

    February 22, 2012

  • Seller of a WDC HDD.

    triarii3 was the Buyer on October 24, 2011 HardForum

    Buyer was great in communication and quick to pay and quick to close on deal. Would do business with again.

    November 2, 2011

  • Purchased Xbox 360 game

    triarii3 was the Seller on May 19, 2013 HardForum

    I purchased an Xbox 360 game from the seller - I got some erroneous info from usps in regards to shipping. I tried to contact seller twice over the weekend to confirm shipping - shipping was confirmed and received game in excellent working condition - thanks, and happy birthday!

    May 20, 2013

  • I sold GTX 260 Video Card

    triarii3 was the Buyer on September 1, 2010 HardForum

    Great communication, sent payment promptly as promised. Would do business with again, thanks!

    September 4, 2010

  • Sold him two cases of MREs

    triarii3 was the Buyer on May 29, 2013 HardForum

    Fast payment, Quick communication, Trade was completed without any problems cannot say anything more!

    June 7, 2013

  • Sold triarii3 an XFX 7770 GPU & FC3: Blood Dragon game code.

    triarii3 was the Buyer on April 21, 2013 HardForum

    triarii3 paid promptly and was patient even when package arrived later than expected. Would deal with again! Thank you.

    May 2, 2013

  • Sold him my Kindle 4th Generation

    triarii3 was the Buyer on March 24, 2013 HardForum

    Awesome buyer, paid fast, great communication. No issues whatsoever. I won't hesitate doing business with him.

    March 26, 2013

  • Bought an ASUS Monitor VH238H.

    triarii3 was the Seller on May 6, 2013 HardForum

    Excellent communication throughout transaction, shipped quickly and was well packaged, would work with again.

    May 14, 2013

  • ASUS Transformer 32GB with Battery Keyboard + 8B SD Card

    triarii3 was the Seller on May 17, 2012 HardForum

    Good communication, shipped out the item promptly, and packaged everything well. Provided tracking number and kept me informed. Good trader.

    May 24, 2012

  • Macbook Pro

    triarii3 was the Seller on April 12, 2013 HardForum

    Great experience. Item was better than described, all communication was quick and understanding. Shipping was very quick. Excellent overall.

    April 17, 2013

  • I sold him my H50 cpu cooler and Xion 1000w psu !

    triarii3 was the Buyer on October 4, 2011 HardForum

    Very easy to work with, receive payment with no problems. Would gladly do business again !

    October 17, 2011

  • Bought a 64gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD over on the [H].

    triarii3 was the Seller on December 5, 2013 HardForum

    Quick response to PM's, fast shipping (Faster than Newegg!), works flawlessly as described! Good guy to deal with!

    December 10, 2013

  • Sold G.Skill DDR3-1333mhz(2x2gb kit).

    triarii3 was the Buyer on September 9, 2010 HardForum

    Hello Folks,

    Sold triarii3 some memory. He paid promptly, kept excellent communications throughout the whole transaction and a very professional attitude. Basically, to sum it up, he was a pleasure to do business with. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend a trade with with him, nor would I hesitate to do so myself.

    Highly recommend as a trustworthy trader.

    Best Regards,

    Liquid Cool

    September 10, 2010

  • HP Pavilion Entertainment DV4

    triarii3 was the Seller on April 18, 2011 HardForum

    I purchased a HP laptop from triarii3. The laptop was exactly as described, great price, great communication. Would gladly do business again.

    May 1, 2011

  • Batman Arkham City Download Code

    triarii3 was the Buyer on February 13, 2012 HardForum

    triarii3 paid immediately via Paypal and provided excellent communication throughout the deal. Great buyer. Thanks again!

    February 14, 2012

  • Sold Logitech G930 headset to him.

    triarii3 was the Buyer on January 8, 2014 HardForum

    Buyer was quick to respond and provided prompt payment with all required details. Would do business with again!

    January 16, 2014