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nipster (211)
bought a pentium iii 1 ghz FC-PGA from him
cw823 was the Seller   2002-12-07
Firstoff, i must say that I got the item as described and in working condition. That said, this seller shows no reguard at all in the way he packs his packages. For instance, he shipped this processor in a FEDEX UNPADDED ENVELOPE, with a little bubble wrap. This is completely unacceptable to me and when I confronted him in PM about the situation he seemed rather unapolagetic about it. His response to me was "What do you believe I owe you? Anti-static, lots of foam. I've seen you bitch and moan other places, so I'll be honest that I didn't put much effort into it. Next time I"ll just UPS ground it and it will take 3 times as long"

Yes, "next time", there wont be a next time... trade with this guy with caution, and be prepared for shoddy shipping and packing practices, you all are warned... This guy should know better too, he is a moderator at

Response from cw823
Review the rest of my heatware; nough said
(2) Western Digital WD800 80Gb HDD's
cw823 was the Seller   2010-07-13
Great OCForums member, and Folding Team32 member, Great communication and items packaged well, for the journey Downunder,
Look forward to trading with cw823, again in the Future, Thank You,- JS
LanDoctor (4)
(2) OEM 80Gb Velociraptors
cw823 was the Seller   2010-09-18
Great seller. Quick shipment and good packaging.
I would buy from him anytime.
silent bob (49)
Bezels for Q-500
cw823 was the Seller   2002-06-14
geat seller and fast shipping
FroggyTaco (82)
Western Digital 74GB Raptor Hard Drive
cw823 was the Seller   2005-11-18
Packagaged very well and works as advertised. Good Communication throughout deal.
schifter (62)
Bought an MSI 6600GT pci-e video card
cw823 was the Seller   2006-02-18
Card came in the original packaging with all accessories. He answered my questions and shipped quickly. Would do business with again.
silent bob (49)
Antec 400 watt PS
cw823 was the Seller   2002-06-14
GREAT Price Fast shipping Always a Pleasure to do buisness with
dbwillis (2183)
Sold him a Supermicro Xeon combo.
cw823 was the Buyer   2008-01-28
Another great deal, fast payment, no problems.
I can highly recommend dealing with him, you cant go wrong.
HTPC Parts Motherboard/CPU/RAM/GPU
cw823 was the Seller   2013-07-25
Quick communication and shipping, would definitely do business with again.
IoN6 (20)
Sold a 1GB and 2x 512MB PC133 Registered ECC sticks to him.
cw823 was the Seller   2006-03-29
Fast payment, good communication. Great trader, would trade with again!
Simonzi (42)
2x 500gb WD Black Harddrives
cw823 was the Seller   2009-02-12
Great seller. Items arrived just as described. Very prompt shipment, within 24 hours of payment I had an email with a UPS tracking number. Item arrived in the best packaging I\'ve seen, a box filled with packing peanuts, the items themselves in an antistatic bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, then wrapped in more bubble wrap, and a 3rd layer of bubble wrap. Great seller, would definitely buy from again.
N8 (33)
320MB Zotac 8800GTS
cw823 was the Buyer   2010-03-22
cw823 made immediate payment after calling dibs. A pleasure to deal with - courteous in all correspondences.
baltoos (34)
Western Digital 160GB SATA Hard Drive
cw823 was the Seller   2010-04-27
I purchased a 160GB Western Digital Hard Drive from cw823. It was shipped the following day, & I also was sent tracking info at the same time. I\'ve dealt with cw823 before & it has always been a real pleasure to do business with him.
thideras (174)
Two dual socket Yonah servers with memory and heatsinks. Four 2tb Hitachi hard drives and a random assortment of addon cards.
cw823 was the Seller   2011-07-18
Shipped quickly, kept good communication through the trade and had very good knowledge of the items traded. The packaging itself was incredible, to say the least. I was thoroughly impressed by this user and wouldn't hesitate to do business again.
silversink (112)
Sold cw823 several items (Mobo, DDR heatspreader, Fans)
cw823 was the Buyer   2002-04-30
Sold cw823 many items and since he\'s a fellow Moderator at I knew him to be a great trader.

cw823 Paid via Paypal very quickly and he\'s a stand up guy.

I would buy or sell with cw823 anytime.

A great guy, a great Moderator and a Great transaction as usual.

He Paid
johnnie (1202)
My paypal for cw823\'s 6-port sata card.
cw823 was the Seller   2008-12-06
Fast Friendly Service!!
cw823 shipped it quick and followed up with great communication!!
Luta Wicasa (199)
Bought an Enermax 350 watt PSU.
cw823 was the Seller   2002-04-30
Fine PSU, great price, smooth deal. Just as advertised, arrived quickly and came well packaged. Look forward to dealing with him again. A+ trader.
hank123 (72)
ram for note book
cw823 was the Seller   2008-01-08
honest seller. he forgot to ship it. had to remind him. everyone messes up but he was honest bout it. and honesty is what really matters.
also included blue prints for home made colonic. Works great!

update. 1 of 2 sticks worked. sticks had build up what looked like from a battery.
VballCoach (370)
2 sticks of Mushkin PC3200 2x512mb
cw823 was the Seller   2005-06-03
What a great guy! Unbelievable price and laser fast shipping! Thanks bro!!
I just received the box of network cards that I purchased from CW.
cw823 was the Seller   2016-10-17
He was always timely on the communication, and quick to resolve any issues that arose with the product listing. Great prices and excellent packing job keeping the parts safe and sound from the mail services abuse. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from him again.
jess1313 (8)
Bought Asus p5vd2-vm, e6300, 8800gt, & 2gb ddr2.
cw823 was the Seller   2008-12-18
Items were shipped quickly, and packaged well. They were in working order and as described.
Convicted1 (38)
Bought 5 Port Network Switch... For CHEEPZ!
cw823 was the Seller   2012-10-16
Got an awesome deal!

Great communication throughout the sale.

Product arrived quickly and without any problems.
BingV (10)
Intel Gigabit NIC
cw823 was the Seller   2010-02-21
My 2nd transaction with CW, great international Seller ! Recommended !
Quick response & ships real fast !

Shipped with great packaging & truck load of padding !
Orion25 (45)
Bought an Intel E6300 Processor.
cw823 was the Seller   2007-10-01
Great seller. Communication was great and item arrived quickly and as described!
badvector (8)
Coolermaster HSF
cw823 was the Seller   2003-06-12
Very well done. Item in perfect condition, packaged well and shipped timely.

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