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neuro42 (109)
Sold 2x2GB OCZ Gold ddr2 800
Donut was the Buyer   2009-01-27
What can I say? Sale went smoothly, let me know when HW arrived, and when it was tested :) A real pleasure
Linden (269)
I sold Donut an MSI 945P Neo-F motherboard. We communicated via private messaging at Short-Media forums. Donut paid me with a USPS money order. We cross shipped.
Donut was the Buyer   2006-04-05
Payment was on time, communication was prompt and clear. Donut was a pleasant trader who was very easy to work with. Don\'t hesitate to trade with him.
jonspd (236)
Two Western Digital HD's and a set of 4x2gb DDR3 adata
Donut was the Buyer   2016-02-20
Easy to deal with would sale to again or buy from anytime. Great com's
Evilsizer (69)
Sunbeam 4 channel controller, silver
Donut was the Buyer   2010-01-08
paid fast and would gladly deal with again any time!
brolloks (289)
Abit IP35 E mobo
Donut was the Buyer   2008-08-10
Fast payment with great communication, would not hesitate to do business again, thanks
Sold q9550,GA-x48t-dq6,4 gigs DDR3
Donut was the Buyer   2009-05-06
Great buyer. Deal went smooth as always, due to quick payment and good communication. Thanks.
Stratus_ss (63)
Sold him a D5 pump for water cooling
Donut was the Buyer   2009-05-13
Great buyer. Paid in advance, had good communication and is very patient and understanding. Would definately deal with again
Linden (269)
I purchased 2GB G.Skill PC2 6400 from Donut. We communicated through Icrontic forums and I paid with PayPal.
Donut was the Seller   2007-12-03
Item was even better shape than I thought it would be - looked brand new. Excellent packing and quick shipping. Solid! Don\'t hesitate to trade with Donut.
7RON (24)
NETGEAR Prosafe 8 port gigabit switch, GS108.
Donut was the Buyer   2016-03-25
great to deal with, excellent communication. glad to do business.
Overclockers Forums
Crosshairs (446)
I sold him 2 sticks of memory
Donut was the Buyer   2009-01-28
great buyer, paid right away and communicated well
Also very understanding.:)
I trate him a super positive
Thanks again
FroggyTaco (82)
Bought a Corsair HX520 PSU
Donut was the Seller   2009-06-27
Was well price, packed, & handled! Would easily trade with donuts again!
Sold an Andyson PSU.
Donut was the Buyer   2015-10-19
As always, a fantastic experience on my end. Very happy for the repeat business!
I bought 3 gigs (6-512mb sticks) pc3200 ecc reg.
Donut was the Seller   2007-10-24
Quick response, fast shipping, well packaged. I would buy again without hesitation.
BossBorot (128)
Sold a reference 7950 GPU
Donut was the Buyer   2015-10-07
quick sale and evaluation. Quick to the point communication at all stages of the process great buyer.
jaymz9350 (30)
Sold G Skill 2x2gig PC8000
Donut was the Buyer   2010-02-18
Great buyer. Instant payment and great communication. Would definitely deal with again.
Bought my old X48T-DQ6 and 4GB of DDR3 back from Donut.
Donut was the Seller   2009-07-28
Well packaged and quickly shipped. Great price too. Glad to have my baby back.
jonspd (236)
GSkill PC2 8800 (2x2gb) DDR2
Donut was the Buyer   2010-02-01
fast transaction, great buyer, good communication and easy to deal with.
jediman (1)
mcr 320, microres, YL med fans
Donut was the Seller   2009-06-26
All items were delivered quickly in excellent packaging and in pristine condition.
Sold me back my old Q9550.
Donut was the Seller   2009-06-03
I buy more things from and sell more things to Donut than anyone else. Always a great transaction. Thank you.
Airbrushkid (166)
Laing D5 pump
Donut was the Seller   2009-07-12
Very happy with this transaction. Would do business again anytime
Bought a GTX260
Donut was the Seller   2009-04-22
Shipped quickly, securely packaged, great item. Would buy from anytime.
Steven90 (3)
Seller, paypal, G.Skill Ram
Donut was the Buyer   2016-05-24
Communication was timely and effective, top notch buyer
Earthdog (236)
Sold GTX 950 2G.
Donut was the Buyer   2015-09-10
Prompt payment and great communication throughout. I look forward to doing business with him again!
g0dM@n (1203)
CPU Cooler
Donut was the Buyer   2011-04-09
Fast payment and awesome communication! A+ guy and plan to do more business with in the future. :) Thanks again, Thomas! A+
redchief (2)
Motherboard & CPU & memory
Donut was the Seller   2009-03-25
Great transaction all the way around.
Good communication, fast shipping. good packaging
Would trade again.

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