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  • Sold a Maxtor 6.8GB HDD

    2336 was the Buyer on September 6, 2002 AnandTech

    Great trader, very fast with payment, great communication. Will deal with again.

    September 6, 2002

  • Sold 2 K6-2 CPU's

    2336 was the Buyer on September 7, 2003 AnandTech

    Obviously a top-notch trader! His secret (and mine)...COMMUNICATE. Finally nice to meet someone that does a PERFECT job of communicating throughout a transaction. If 2236 was the only person I could ever trade with over the web , that's all I'd need.

    September 7, 2003

  • Traded him 2 x 128MB pc133 sticks of ram for voodoo 5 5500

    Cross-traded on July 3, 2004 AnandTech

    Went perfect. He shiped even sooner then I expected. Great guy. Would do business again for sure! Thanks

    July 3, 2004

  • Sold Rick a Creative 24X CD-rom and Western Digital 730MB Harddrive. We Cross-Shipped.

    Cross-traded on February 23, 2001 AnandTech

    Man of his words, smooth transaction, very friendly, great trader all around, and fast payment via MO. Will deal with again. A++

    February 23, 2001

  • sold a 512MB stick of PC2700 DDR RAM

    2336 was the Buyer on August 25, 2004 AnandTech

    super buyer as always! fast payment and hassle free trade.

    August 25, 2004


    2336 was the Buyer on January 23, 2003 AnandTech

    quick pay
    have dealt with Rick before
    great guy , will deal again!!

    January 23, 2003

  • Sold him a Geforce 256.

    2336 was the Buyer on November 15, 2002 AnandTech

    Rick finally listened to me and sent me a check with a stamp instead of a MO priority. No point in giving the post office $4, their rates are already high enough! Thanks rick.

    November 15, 2002

  • Sold Volcano II and Chrome Orb.

    2336 was the Buyer on January 20, 2001 AnandTech

    I don't know how many deals I've done with Rick, but it's quite a few by now. As always, no problems at all. Excellent trader! Thanks Rick!

    January 20, 2001

  • His MO, My 366 CPUs

    2336 was the Buyer on February 28, 2001 AnandTech

    Sure was a pleasure dealing with Rick, once again! He's very professional and fun to deal with. Highest rating.

    February 28, 2001

  • XP2200+

    2336 was the Buyer on May 28, 2003 AMDMB

    I sold Rick my XP2200+ and the MO arrived in 2 days. His communication is 2nd to none.

    I will look forward to trading with Rick again in the future..

    May 28, 2003

  • Matrox Dual Head

    2336 was the Seller on June 16, 2002 AnandTech

    Great trader, very fast shipment. Excellent trade. Thanks

    June 16, 2002

  • Sold Rick an Asus P3V4X ICS mobo and Asus S370-133 Slocket.

    Cross-traded on February 28, 2001 AnandTech

    This was a very smoooooth deal. I traded my mobo and slocket for his $$. We cross shipped as well. Rick is an awesome guy to deal with. I would deal with him again. Thanks alot Rick!! :)

    February 28, 2001

  • sold 2336 a 1.1ghz mobile athlon processor

    2336 was the Buyer on July 3, 2003 AnandTech

    I actually feel bad, I have done deals before with Rick and havent left heat, this man gives Anandtech a GREAT name. He is one of the GREAT traders out there, if you do a deal with this man, you wont be dissapointed!

    July 3, 2003

  • Sold some software

    2336 was the Buyer on August 11, 2002 AnandTech

    Just an absolute pleasure to deal with, good communication paid with US dollars! Doesn't get any better than that

    August 11, 2002

  • Bought 1x DVD-R disc and 1x DVD-RW disc from Rick

    2336 was the Seller on July 9, 2003 AnandTech

    Rick didnt get a chance to go to the Post Office the day he said, but he went the following day and even included an extra CD-RW disc as "compensation". AWSOME! Thanks man, you are an excellent trader and an asset to Anandtech. :-)

    July 9, 2003

  • Bought a combo mainboard/cpu

    2336 was the Seller on January 15, 2002 AnandTech

    A good deal, not a problem with it. Would buy from him again.

    January 15, 2002

  • Sold P!!!550MHz Katmai for cash

    2336 was the Buyer on March 5, 2001 AnandTech

    2336 sent the money order promptly, both recieved what we wanted in 2-3 days. Excellent buyer/seller/trader.
    Would do business again, and hope I will!
    Definately a positive!

    March 5, 2001

  • bought items

    2336 was the Seller on May 30, 2003 TechIMO

    good email communications,excellent packaged skills,would gladly do biz again.

    May 30, 2003

  • Sold a T-bird. Definately a great trader.

    2336 was the Buyer on June 15, 2003 AnandTech

    Awesome guy. Very Understanding. A+

    June 15, 2003

  • AMD K62-450 (AHX Model)

    2336 was the Buyer on July 4, 2002 AnandTech

    Great transaction! Came through and even added a few more dollars for mailing out the payment a little late and even sent the payment priority! Would definitely recommend and do business with again.

    July 4, 2002

  • Sold two sound cards.

    2336 was the Buyer on March 4, 2001 AnandTech

    I've made a few trades with Rick and he's a great person to deal with. I've never had any problems and things always go smooth. So I'm here to chalk up onther deal gone great!!!!

    March 4, 2001

  • Soyo MicroATX socket A mobo and Maxtor 40GB HDD

    2336 was the Seller on September 9, 2005 AnandTech

    Wuick shipment, great communication. The items were very well packaged and arrived in perfect working order. A+.

    September 10, 2005

  • K7s2000 and Athlon 750 combo

    2336 was the Seller on March 20, 2003 AnandTech

    Great trader here. Great communication and items were received quickly and well packaged.

    March 20, 2003

  • Bought McAfee Virus Scan 7.0

    2336 was the Seller on November 3, 2003 AnandTech

    Prompt shipping, great trader!!

    November 3, 2003

  • Sold an HEC 300 Watt power supply.

    2336 was the Buyer on January 13, 2002 AnandTech

    It's always a pleasure to do business with Rick. Our latest transaction only reinforced that experience. You'd be hard pressed to find a better trader on the boards.

    January 13, 2002