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  • Sold an unlocked Duron 650 to MingChia.

    MC was the Buyer on July 7, 2002 AnandTech

    Easy transaction...funds were PayPaled worries here...A+

    July 7, 2002

  • Bought a 128 meg SODIMM

    MC was the Seller on December 15, 2002 AnandTech

    Would trade with again.

    December 15, 2002

  • Sold him a Prophet II Ultra.

    MC was the Buyer on July 12, 2002 AnandTech

    Payment and transaction was ultra smooth. He is a great trader, and i would recommend him to anyone!

    July 12, 2002

  • Bought non-functional laptop

    MC was the Seller on September 22, 2002 AnandTech

    Item was shipped very quckly, packed well and was in better shape than I thought! Seller was very accurate in describing the condition of the unit, offered me a great deal and stood behind what he offered. Very honest and gracious trader, will not hesitate to trade with him any time!

    September 22, 2002

  • Bought a 40gb HD and 256mb DDR.

    MC was the Seller on January 12, 2003 AnandTech

    I mailed MO and he sent me the hardware as soon as he got the MO. There was good communication the whole time.

    January 12, 2003

  • Sound Blaster Live MP3+ SoundCard

    MC was the Buyer on December 19, 2002 AnandTech

    Great Trader! Paypal payment arrived the second after we closed the deal. Totally satisfied. :)

    December 19, 2002

  • Sold him four small HDDs.

    MC was the Buyer on January 14, 2002 AnandTech

    He paid by money order, quick payment and good communication. Will not hesitate to deal with him again.

    January 14, 2002

  • Sold me 20 ide cables.

    MC was the Seller on June 9, 2002 AnandTech

    Fast shipping, brand new cables, thanks!

    June 9, 2002

  • Bought a MSI motherboard.

    MC was the Seller on September 21, 2002 AnandTech

    He ship first and everything arrive in excellent condition. Great to deal with him!

    September 21, 2002

  • IBM Thinkpad T20 w/case and accessories

    MC was the Buyer on January 1, 2003 AnandTech

    Great person to deal with. Good communication, friendly, helpful, etc etc, what more can I possibly say? :) Would not hesitate to do business again. Thanks again!

    January 1, 2003

  • Bought a Duron 800 cpu.

    MC was the Seller on March 16, 2003 AnandTech

    Very fast shipment, good packaging, cpu is working perfectly!

    March 16, 2003

  • Sold an Alpha PAL6035 with Sunon fan to this dude.

    MC was the Buyer on July 14, 2002 AnandTech

    Absolutely fast payment. Great buyer!

    July 14, 2002

  • Sold MingChia a pair of Dell Truemobile 1150 PCMCIA wireless cards.

    MC was the Buyer on September 16, 2002 AnandTech

    No problems here. Mingchia paid upfront, was always in touch, and was very understanding when some weirdness happened on my side that delayed shipping a little bit. I wouldn't hesistate to deal with in the future. Thanks again Mingchia, and it was my pleasure.

    September 16, 2002

  • I traded a brand new floppy drive for four fan grills.

    Cross-traded on November 30, 2002 AnandTech

    He actually sent me five of them. I traded with him before and would highly recommend him.

    Thanks :)

    November 30, 2002

  • AMD 2000XP+ CPU

    MC was the Buyer on December 4, 2002 AnandTech

    Had no problems with MingChia as we closed the deal and he paypaled me the funds within 24hrs day before Thanksgiving...

    December 4, 2002

  • Sound BLaster LIVE

    MC was the Seller on May 20, 2002 AnandTech

    Cool and fast. Would like to deal with again sometime.

    May 20, 2002

  • Traded some PC parts for some fans and a DVD.

    Cross-traded on December 7, 2002 AnandTech

    Smooth deal, good communication.


    December 7, 2002

  • Intel PII 350 CPU for PNY PC100 RAM

    Cross-traded on January 28, 2002 AnandTech

    Prompt shipment and great to deal with. Deal with anytime. Thanks MingChia!

    January 28, 2002

  • bought a case off of MingChia

    MC was the Seller on July 17, 2002 AnandTech

    Arrived timely,well packed and in condition described.
    A+ thnx alot Ming!

    July 17, 2002

  • 17" IBM Monitor

    MC was the Buyer on April 23, 2003 AnandTech

    Picked up at my home in Lincoln and paid on the spot. A+ trader!!!

    April 23, 2003

  • WD 6.4GB Hard Drive

    MC was the Seller on July 12, 2002 AnandTech

    Easy to deal with and shipped promptly and the drive was in perfect working condition as listed. Hope to deal with soon again!

    July 12, 2002

  • bought 2 nics

    MC was the Seller on March 9, 2003 AnandTech

    i sent the money an received the packaged just a couple dyas later..item was packed well and exactly as described.

    March 9, 2003

  • 128MB PC133

    MC was the Buyer on January 31, 2002 AnandTech

    We went back and forth on the price and finally agreed. I then shipped, thinking he was doing the same. There was an emergency, and he sent the MO a couple days late. No big deal everything worked out. Good communicator.

    January 31, 2002

  • Sold him a pair of Oakley Minutes.

    MC was the Buyer on July 24, 2002 AnandTech

    A+ buyer. Would gladly do buisness with any time. Thanks

    July 24, 2002

  • Cross-shipped my SmartMedia 64MB card for his "Fight Club" DVD and a Netgear NIC.

    Cross-traded on December 16, 2002 AnandTech

    He shipped next morning, made sure my address was correct when USPS didn't like it, kept in contact when neccesary. No problems whatsoever.

    Really quick (first talked Friday morning, and Tuesday night transaction complete), really easy deal here.

    December 16, 2002