nVidia nv1 antique [Global Shipping] [Working last tested]

May 4, 2019 Sydney, NSW

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This GPU was originally in my first computer, handed down to me from my father.
That computer was last booted in 2010, since then it was sitting in a warehouse till I realised it had an Nvidia nv1 in it, then I took it out realising this is an antique item.
This GPU was functioning when it was last used, however, I am unable to test it now as the rest of the hardware from that computer is gone.

As you can see it also includes the extra memory module addon.

I am not too sure how much this is really worth since it is an antique. Thus I have listed it as a zero dollar item so I can see what requests I get and compare my offers from there.
Also if you could give me a brief sentence or two about what you want to do with it that would be greatly appreciated as this is a limited item I want to make sure it is kept safe.

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