Solid State Drives

Apr 29, 2019 stayton, OR

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Used SSD's

2 LITEON 128gb 2.5" $22.50 shipped each

Kingston 120gb 2.5" $22.50 shipped

Samsung pm871 128gb 2.5" $22.50 shipped

Sandisk X400 256gb 2.5" $40 shipped

Samsung Pm8561 256gb 2.5" $40.00 shipped

Seagate 2.5" SSGD 1tb - $40 shipped

Crucial Factory reconditioned m500 480gb ssd - $55 shipped

New in box SanDisk SSD Plus 480gb - $60 shipped

CDI and timestamps. I know I'm missing CDI for a couple drives, The missing CDI is similar to what is there


I know people will want discounts nothing ever goes for list prices.

Bundle purchases get first priority

Then people willing to cover my shipping and PayPal fees

Then people willing to cover shipping but not PayPal

Finally choosing beggars with nothing to offer