Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GB

Sep 26, 2019 Chicago, IL

Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GB

Include your PayPal address in your private message (NOT CHAT) if you want to purchase. Here is a template to make it easy:

Hi! I'm interested in QTY [1] Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8GB. My PayPal address is

These GPUs were put in to operation around October 2017 and have been out of service as of February 2019. They have *always* been in a clean data center environment.

Transparently, these cards were mined using these settings: 1140/2100 @ 850mV with a powertune of 2. The power consumption has been around 140W at the wall and they have never been dual mined.


You will get a 100% working GPU with stock BIOS in a box, definitely not the original. The box may be a brown box from Sapphire or an OEM box.


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What card is this exactly?

These cards are Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 8GB. You may get one of 3 part numbers - 113-1E3660U-O51, 13-1E3660U-O52, or 113-1E3660U-O5P.

Have they been used to mine cryptocurrencies?


How long have the been used to mine cryptocurrencies?

About 18 months.

Were they bought new and are you the first owner?


What's in the box?

You will get a box, most likely not the box it came in. It will not be the retail box, it will be a brown box that they were shipped to us in (from Sapphire).

What's on the card?

All GPUs were flashed to stock prior to decomissioning. If you find that the GPU you received is not stock, I will happily replace it at no cost or walk you through flashing to stock if you don't know how. If it is the mining BIOS and you actually want to mine, it is a power conservative BIOS that is stable at 1140/2100-2150 @ 850mV @ 28.7MH/s running sgminer-gm.


I'm afraid not. SAPPHIRE says non transferrable. However, these cards are 100% working cards. I will honor any reasonable "this doesn't work scenario"

When can you ship?

Within 48-72 hours of payment, most likely will ship same day. Single cards will ship via USPS, multiple cards via UPS.


None. But I will guarantee you a 100% working card. If something seems defective we will work it out.

Alright, how do I buy?

Please post here on this thread and send me a PM!


Along with the many confirmations from these GPUs... here's some nice things people have said.




"Bought one couple days back, card was absolutely pristine, good seller" - trade confirm


I bought one from him, works as it should. No complaints, do recommend for any one on the edge about buying a mined on card.


I got my card from this guy, it works great so far. The card was so clean, they look new af and there are no defects that I can even see. He was understanding enough when I told him I couldn't pay immediately because of a vet bill, and shipped the card as soon as he could after I paid. TLDR; Great seller, great card, great experience. :P


Great seller. I recommend buying one of these over the more expensive options out there.


Bought 2 from him a few weeks ago. Both working great and looked brand new. Awesome seller and quick replies and shipping.


Bought one last time around for my wife's rig, I think I like it more than my Red Devil 580 so I'm keeping it. He shipped it out next business day. Great guy.


Bought one the other day during the first batch. My dude shipped quick and it works. I like this guy.