Old Software with physical discs and keys

Dec 14, 2018 California, PA

Old Software with physical discs and keys
Hellow there,I am cleaning out my dvd box and found these old versions laying around.

Yes I know they are all dated versions, but they would be fine for older/light duty machines that don't need the latest/greatest. 

All will come with activation keys, in a plastic CD case & bubble mailer for protection during shipping, via USPS Priority Mail included, and Paypal only please to verified account addresses in the lower 48.

1) Photoshop Elements 10 Retail: 3 discs with both Windows and Mac Versions. $20.00

2) Windows 7 Ultimate (OEM) with both 32 & 64bit versions: SOLD

3) Nuance PowerPDF Advanced 2016 Retail: SOLD

4) Nuance PDF Convertor v7.3 Retail: $5.00

Buy the whole lot for $35.00 & save

Please contact me if any questions, and thanks for looking !

heat: [Heatware Link]