EVGA RTX 2080 ti Kingpin

Jan 1, 2020 Altona, IL

  • Photo of EVGA RTX 2080 ti Kingpin
This Kingpin has never been overclocked and is all still factory original. It was mounted for only about an hour to make sure it works and to update the firmware in it. We have 3 of these cards and this was our spare card in case we got a little carried away overclocking our other two and well you know what i mean ya never know whats gonna happen but the other two have held up extremely well so going to part with this one. Shows 970 days warranty left in my account but might vary slightly when registered under a new buyers name.

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I'm new selling here on heatware but if you click on my profile you will see my ebay profile as well with 100?edback as seller over several years of selling.