Ducky One TKL - cherry mx blue

Aug 9, 2018 Regency Downs, QLD

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For sale - Free to good home, just pay the shipping...........from Australia, there's the catch.
Long story short, its more or less brand spanking new, I ordered a full deck, DK1 with ninja keycaps.........a Tenkeyless arrived, I was sent the correct keyboard, or atleast the retailer thought they had, they sent an RGB Dk1, which of course wasn't ninja keys, and also was cherry mx black.  they told me to keep both, I put the ninja keys from the TKL onto the full deck(except for the number keys and other dual function keys).
Now I have a spare TKL DK1 Cherry mx blue switches, with mix and match keycaps......still a great keyboard, looks "okay".........but I want to pay it the shipping, and shazam.

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