Activation Keys- Win10/11 Office 2019.2021-Others

May 16, 2023 lafayette, la

Activation Keys- Win10/11  Office 2019.2021-Others

All these keys are Retail They can

be used in a fresh install onto blank media, in an upgrade install, or “over

top” of an existing system. They can be used under “change key” to

REactivate systems that are not, presently, activated.

Please note that these are “ball park”

prices that go up or down pretty frequently. You can contact me to check here or

at ickywu@yikez,com I am still offering Win10 keys, as they

are LESS than Win11 keys and will upgrade to Win11 with no additional

cost. Note that. once installed,

your Win10 will offer you the free upgrade to Win11 in time, Or, you can initiate it with start>

settings. Probably best to run the

“PC Health” app, below, to be sure your system is suitable for Windows 11.



Windows 10 10 Professional


Windows 11 Professional   $22



ask about other OS keys you may need: Windows 7, 8.1, Win10 Home                    WinServer Standard and DC,

Win10-Workstation, etc    


Office 2019 Pro Plus Internet

Activated $32

● Office 2021 Professional Plus. Internet

activate $32

● Office 2019/2021 BINDING $40/45
***** FLASH SALE*****  MS Office 2021 H+B / Mac  $38 !!!

Bindong Kers are: Permanent, survives MB    upgrade,



Project, Visio -



Ask about Office 2016 and earlier, Office 365 accounts ,volume



Ask about FREE MS tools to remove

earlier versions of Office safely. easily.

Ask about free tools to check your sys

for Win11 compliance..



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