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Latest News

Tue, Dec 25th 2001 1:10pmPosted by heat23
All of us at HeatWare would like to wish yall a Merry Christmas!! We also want to thank yall for all the support you have given us!

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Sat, Dec 22nd 2001 5:17pmPosted by mr_sonicblue
I made a couple changes to the site:

- You can now edit your profile in the account area.
- You can now recover a lost password or get a new registration email sent to you using the link on the login page.
- I got rid of the [MOD LIST] garbage on the left of the pages.
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Fri, Dec 21st 2001 6:08pmPosted by mr_sonicblue
There was a glitch where mail sent to other users may get forwarded to the sender. This should be fixed.

If anyone has any problems with the mail system, please email me about it at
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Fri, Dec 21st 2001 2:21pmPosted by mr_sonicblue
Well, folks, we're back. Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) HeatWare.

The first thing old users should do is register, and begin claiming their old evaluations. Instructions on doing so is written in the account area (available once you're registered and signed in).

Please be patient in the next few days, as things could get rocky if glitches are found.

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