Two EK WB for 980Ti / TitanX

May 12, 2017 San Antonio, TX

Two EK WB for 980Ti / TitanX
I have 2 EK Water Blocks (EKWB). I bought them few months back from another trader, but never got a chance to use them as I have already moved on from 980 Ti. Original seller told me about some minor issues about one of them, details below, but the Nickle one has no issues I was told. Asking $60 shipped for both.
Selling as is, buy at your own risk. Let me know if you have any questions.
1. EK-FC Titan X/GTX980 Ti Waterblock - Nickel + Acetal
2. EK-FC Titan X/GTX980 Ti Waterblock - Copper Acetal
This is what I was told about the issue with this one - "The left bottom corner near where the memory chips are located, it is broken off there. This wont affect the cooling ability of the card at all, a tiny bit of two part epoxy was used to re-attach it, and it will function just fine. Just done torque on that screw too hard when installing the block. That particular standoff is basically used as a spacer, so it should not be an issue."
Pics - [Photo]
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