ASUS n56jr - 4700HQ, 760m

Apr 20, 2017 Durham, NC

ASUS n56jr - 4700HQ, 760m
No offers in 30 days haha..
Engineering students will get a discount and top priority. Price negotiable for everyone. Used a lot, but never had an issue.
4700HQ i7 processor
nvidia 760m 2GB
Internal hard disk expansion bay and internal DVD burner (you have to swap them out)
Comes with a 5200 rpm 1 TB hard disk with Windows 8 installed (original installation, from a clone I took early on)
I can pop a Crucial MX200 512 GB into it - we'd have to negotiate that.
Dual boots seamlessly. UEFI installation for linux is a bit of a pain (as usual) but the BIOS menu lets you boot from any EFI file - it's fantastic.
I'm going to use it for a LAN party around April 1, so I won't ship it until after that weekend. Original listing:  [Newegg Link]